Reiki30 - CBD Oils 4 PTSD


One natural remedy for PTSD & alleviating it's symptoms is CBD Oil.  Over here in the UK, where I am, it's still quite hard to find & expensive.

I have PTSD.  I've found low THC, high CBD Hemp beneficial before, but wanted to get the oil.  I've also been an affiliate marketer for years now.  So I joined HempWorx (click HERE) as an affiliate, combining what I already know about CBD/affiliate marketing/being a PTSD sufferer etc...


Marijuana is also called: Hemp/Cannabis/Weed/Pot etc...

The part that get's people 'high/stoned' is the THC.  Most people use high THC i.e. 15%+, low CBD Cannabis.  They want to get 'high', but the healing benefits of CBD (& some other beneficial compounds found in Cannabis) are ignored/not cared about.

Those of us with health issues wan't the opposite, not to get 'high', but want the healing benefits most of all.

The Hemp I use, & what's used for i.e. CBD Oils is normally 0.03% THC, but higher in CBD.  This type of Hemp is mostly used to create i.e. Hemp rope etc...

Also Cannabis plants grow short & wide.  Hemp grows tall & narrow.


Our bodies have CBD receptors, which means our bodies NEED CBD to function 100% normally/pain free etc...

CBD based products can & are still quite expensive, but they are truly worth the cost.  I've smoked low THC, high CBD Hemp before & it REALLY alleviated my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome symptoms etc...  I just wanted to try a different method.

With Hemp I was able to walk unaided a lot more, could walk 0.4 miles (to & from corner shop), which IS a big thing/accomplishment.  The pain during & after was at a 3 on the pain scale.  On the pain scale (the normal one Paramedics/Doctors use) without Hemp I'm normally a 12+ easily, on a good day.

Hemp has helped so many people.  So many positive reviews online.  Dosage on HempWorx oils are not mentioned, as every person is different & needs a different dose.  So for example with CBD Oil's start with 2-5 drops under the tongue in the morning & before bed.

Hope this helps?